| Jun 2019

Effects of Light Pollution on Foraging Behaviour of Rodents

Simone Ackerman, MSc

Simone Ackerman, MSc | moosthui@zoology.up.ac.za
University of Pretoria, Department of Zoology and Entomology
Duration: 2017 – Present

This master’s thesis is focused on investigating the effects of light pollution on rodents. Light pollution is increasingly being recognised as a contributing factor to global change, many claiming that it may help explain phenomena that thus far lack an explanation. The project focusses on both the physiological effects that light pollution may have on rodents in South Africa, as well as the behavioural impacts. It targets the foraging behaviour of rodents on Tswalu Kalahari Reserve under various light conditions in order to understand how different levels of light pollution may affect the feeding ecology of rodents. The project makes use of artificial feeding trays and portable street lights to investigate the patch foraging behaviour and giving up density of rodents.